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1 – Matcha Green Tea Sugar Cookies


These delicious and fragrant Matcha Green Tea Sugar Cookies are a sophisticated twist on the classic sugar cookie recipe.

2 – Candy Cane Kiss Cookies


Not only do these Candy Cane Kiss Cookies look festive, but these holiday cookies have a festive peppermint flavor as well.

3 – Edible Sugar Cookie Dough


Edible sugar cookie dough is a fun and easy dessert to make for Christmas! This eggless recipe uses heat-treated flour so it is safe to eat for everyone!

4 – Christmas Cookies with Icing


A recipe for the best, Christmas Sugar Cookies with Sugar Cookie Icing, featuring homemade sugar cookies and an easy buttercream frosting.

5 – Stained Glass Cookies


Stained glass cookies are SO EASY to make and so impressive to look at. I love seeing light peek through the centers and yes, you can decorate your tree with them!

6 – Sugar Cookies with Easy Icing


Christmas Sugar Cookies with Easy Icing. If I can make these things look pretty then anyone can. Really!

7 – Holiday Sugar Cookies and DIY Colored Sugar


These quick and easy Holiday Sugar Cookies are such fun to decorate, and a joy to give out to friends and family this season. 

8 – Easy Sugar Cookies


This Easy Sugar Cookies recipe is the perfect sugar cookie cutout recipe for holiday baking. The dough is easy to work with .

9 – Sugar Cookies with Crushed Peppermint


Sugar Cookies with Crushed Peppermint candies are such a fun holiday cookie! These cookies are so easy to decorate! 

10 – Never Fail Sugar Cookies


Everyone needs a never fail sugar cookies recipe, and this is the PERFECT one! You get soft, fluffy, delicious sugar cookies every time! This recipe is fool-proof!

11 – Rustic Cranberry Galette


My rustic cranberry galette is a festive fall/winter/holiday dessert that will look beautiful on your table and delight your guests’ tummies.

12 – Pomegranate and Persimmon Winter Sangria


Pomegranate and persimmon winter sangria is a refreshing punch that is sure to be a big hit at your holiday party!

13 – Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bark


This fruit and nut chocolate bark is easy, delicious, and makes a perfect festive Christmas treat or homemade gift.

14 – Easy No Bake Gingerbread Cheesecake


My easy no bake gingerbread cheesecake is a festive Christmas holiday treat without the effort!

15 – Red and Green Striped Christmas Meringue Cookies


These red and green striped Christmas meringue cookies are light, melt-in-your-mouth, and fun. Flavored with vanilla and almond and swirled with red and green, these sweet treats are extra festive.

16 – Christmas Cake Batter Blondies


These cake batter Christmas blondies are made festive with red and green funfetti sprinkles and white chocolate. They’re the perfect easy recipe for the holidays!

17 – Christmas Marzipan


These homemade marzipan Christmas treats are cute, easy to make, and are a tasty and unique holiday sweet. Perfect for your cookie exchange or a homemade gift!

18 – Super Easy Christmas Popcorn


This Christmas popcorn recipe is quick and very simple. The perfect sweet holiday treat! You only need 3 ingredients.

19 – Easy Cranberry Cookies with White Chocolate


These cranberry cookies with white chocolate are deliciously soft and chewy. Using cake mix makes these cookies super easy!

20 – Christmas Puppy Chow Recipe


This Christmas puppy chow recipe is an addictive festive holiday treat that the whole family will love! Perfect for easy entertaining.

21 – Christmas Puppy Chow Recipe


These peppermint chocolate brownie cookies are a simple festive treat that are perfect for Christmas cookie exchanges and holiday parties! They’re quick and easy to make.

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